Steffens Orchards & Market

Steffens is a family farm operation currently operating 300 plus acres of apples. Rob and Christine Steffens, the fourth generation, own, operate and manage the farms and market.

John and Sharon Steffens, now retired, still help wherever needed. The Steffens are farming in Alpine, Sparta and Chester Townships producing apples, sweet cherries and pumpkins.

The Steffens family arrived from Germany in 1846 and settled in Alpine Township in 1852. 

There wasn’t a single apple tree on the parcel of land the current farm resided when the family purchased it in 1983. The existing barn is over 100 years old and was refurbished in 2010. It has beautiful hand-hewn beams inside. The barn is where Steffens teach children about the life cycle of apples and pumpkins.

The production of apples is a year-round effort. Tree trimming every winter so the buds can appear in April and the trees blossom in May. We rent bees to increase the pollination process which is also enhanced by the wind.

In a typical year, most of the apples picked at Steffens Orchards are sold fresh in grocery stores across the Eastern United States, England, Israel, Central America and South America.

Apples that aren’t eaten fresh are used to make apple cider, applesauce, slices for processing, and apple desserts.


Steffens Orchard Market

Steffens Orchards & Market

4344 13 Mile Rd NW
Sparta, MI 49345